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idea: The Overview effect 
For more than four decades, astronauts from many cultures and backgrounds have been telling us that, from the Earth orbit and the Moon’s standpoints, they have acquired a different perspective. There is even a common term for this experience: "The Overview Effect", a concept from the book of the same name by space philosopher and writer Frank White. It refers to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, hanging in the void, shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. From space, the astronauts tell us, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide us become less important and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this "pale blue dot" becomes both obvious and imperative.

el círculo de estaciones
th circle of seasons

Primer círculo impreso de tierra, que se propone a ser un guía para que las personas puedan cuidar de su alimentación consumiendo productos de la estación, locales, naturales y más sabrosos.

First printed circle of tierra, which aims to be a guide to people that want to eat healthier by consuming
seasonal, local, natural and tastier products.
Gracias terrícolas :^)
Thanks earthlings :^D

Podés comprar un círculo de estaciones acá.

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